November 18, 2018


9:30 a.m. Worship 2.0
PreK - 5th Grade Sunday School
11:00 a.m.  Classic Worship
6th - 12th grade Sunday School
2211 Inverness Drive

Lawrence, KS 66047


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Frequently Asked Questions

 Thinking of visiting Good Shepherd, but have some questions?


Q.  How should I dress?

A.  Please feel free to dress however you like!  People at Good Shepherd usually dress casually, but

     some wear suits.


Q.  Are children welcome in worship?

A.  YES!  Please bring your children to church.  For your convenience, there is a nursery available for

      small children.  However, children are always welcome and encouraged in

      worship.  Busy bags are available in the entryway for children to use during worship.


Q.  Is the facility wheelchair accessible?

A.  The entire building is wheelchair accessible.  There is reserved parking adjacent to the front

      entrance.  Access to the lower level is by elevator.


Q.  Do I have to be Lutheran?

A.  No.  Many of our members come from a non-Lutheran background.

Q.  How is communion served?

A.  Holy Communion is celebrated each Sunday.  You will be directed by the ushers to come forward

     and kneel or stand at the altar rail.  You will receive bread first, followed by wine or

     grape juice in individual glasses.  A gluten-free bread option is available.  If you do not wish to

     commune, you may receive a blessing at the rail or remain seated.  After receiving communion,

     you are welcome to remain at the rail for prayer as you wish before returning to your seat.

Still have questions?   Contact the church office at 785-843-3014 or